Every brand, every company, wants to grow. But the path to get there is not always clear. In order to get started on the right path, you need to know where to focus and where the opportunities lie.

Succeeding in today’s market requires more than just keeping pace. Competition is fierce. Winners make it look easy, almost magical. But behind that magic, however, is immense time, discipline, and analytics. That’s where Growth Point excels.

Growth Point is a first-of-its-kind ranking of growth potential. It provides fast, reliable, consumer-derived direction on where the greatest growth opportunities exist before spending research dollars.

How does Growth Point work?

Growth Point generates its rankings from the Kantar TNS Consumption Universe, which consists of more than 19,000 consumer interviews and covers 250 food and beverage products.

Our rankings combine a degree of unmet consumer needs with a degree of momentum that each product area has — momentum meaning   consumers are moving into that product segment rather than moving out of it.

Why Growth Point?

  • Reliable strategic direction on where to focus innovation and renovations efforts
  • Accelerate the innovation and renovation process
  • Improve ROI