Driving launch success

Launching a new product is a time of great trepidation, but immediate response is often difficult to capture. Traditional research can identify the reasons for poor in-market performance, but it takes time to gather the information.

Post-launch eValuate analyses what people are saying about your new products or services on social networks to quickly recommend how to fine-tune them or modify communications to optimise launch success.

Questions that Post-launch eValuate can answer:

  • How can I get early insight to steer the success of my new product launch?
  • How is my new product perceived on social networks?
  • How can I optimise my product to ensure in-market success?
  • How can I improve success through communication and social amplification?

Key benefits of using Post-launch eValuate:

  • Examines consumer feedback immediately after launch with results and recommendations available within a week
  • Applies over 30 years’ of innovation expertise to inform the success of your product launch
  • Provides guidance on how to improve your product or service
  • A low cost alternative to pre-launch research