Our political teams have an unmatched record of accurate polling and voting intentions results in many countries including Germany, France, Spain, UK, Netherlands, Norway, Korea, Indonesia – to name a few. Evaluating the potential of certain candidates or political parties, organising election nights and delivering accurate estimates of real votes cast are areas in which TNS leads the market.

Our strategic advice to political organisations across the globe is based on our extensive knowledge of the electoral cycle and the role of traditional and new media in that process. For instance, TNS was the preferred partner to assist the European Parliament during the last two European Elections.

Last but not least, we measure and analyse on a daily basis around the world the pulse of public opinion on key topical issues for media partners or research organisations. Our data inform major media organisations and deliver unique insights to political leaders.

Our services in Political and Social polling include:

  • Optimization of positioning in the political landscape
  • Insight in voting behaviours/patterns
  • Reputation management for political Institutions
  • Delivery of voting estimates during election nights