Seize the connected car future

Connected and autonomous cars offer the biggest opportunity for auto brands in decades. Clever, relevant features which offer benefits related to the driving experience, safety and convenience are now high on the buying agenda of tech-savvy consumers.

We have conversations with connected car drivers to understand their experience with these features and their attitudes towards autonomous cars. We advise auto brands, component suppliers and IT companies on how and when to best engage consumers to seize opportunities in our increasingly connected world.


Questions that Connected Car can answer

  • How aware are people of connected car features?
  • Which moments can help optimize connected car feature usage?
  • How can features become more engaging and be sold more effectively?
  • Which consumers should I target and what are their profiles?

Key benefits:

  • Reveals awareness levels, usage and attitudes towards CASE* issues, especially car connectivity
  • Provides a deep-dive into perceived benefits and reasons to use car connectivity
  • Explores opportunities to engage drivers and recommends how to leverage them
  • Compares results on a brand and market level across 13 markets
  • Provides actionable insights to help engage drivers at key moments and increase usage

* CASE = connected, autonomous, shared and electric vehicles