Optimising touchpoint management

Consumers experience brands in more ways than ever before, and every moment has the potential to change their attitude and behaviour towards your brand.

Connect identifies the most effective touchpoints, so you can build your brand message more impactfully, targeting the critical moments for your brand to optimise return on media spend.

Questions that Connect can answer:

  • How does your brand perform across all touchpoints compared to your competitors?
  • Which touchpoints deliver most impact at each moment of the customer journey?
  • How can you improve touchpoint messaging and better target priority moments?
  • How can you optimise marketing spend?

Key benefits of using Connect:

  • Uncovers the most impactful touchpoint moments along the customer journey
  • Evaluates touchpoint synergies and interactions
  • Integrates behavioural economics and is predictive of consumer behaviour
  • Highly flexible – modelled at individual level so it is easy to filter target audiences

How we’ve helped our clients

As part of our work for a leading imported beer brand in South Korea, we helped our client to understand which touchpoints were most impactful for their brand, and where they could be doing more to drive impact in this increasingly competitive market.

Watch the video to find out more:

Connect is one of our Brand & Communication research tools