We have one global team of auto experts working together across borders, including many of the best people in the industry. We are dedicated to unlocking the big insights that will help you make better decisions.

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Guillaume Saint

Global Automotive Practice Lead

Guillaume is responsible for business development in Automotive globally and leads a number of global initiatives.

Frédéric Casellas

Global Account Director

Frédéric is responsible for developing and implementing strategic plans to address his client’s growth challenges around the world.

Kai Adolphs

Global Automotive Product Research Director

Kai Adolphs heads up the Auto IPD practice in Germany and since 2013 is also Global Automotive Product Research Director.

Alexander Spatz

Head of Automotive and Mobility, Germany

Alexander runs the Automotive and Mobility business in Germany, partnering clients with a team of 120 dedicated automotive consultants.

Alberto Fernandez

Head of Automotive, Spain

Based in Madrid, Alberto is responsible for heading up the automotive business in Spain. He joined Kantar TNS in 1997.

Nick Bull

Auto Specialist, UK

Nick Bull is responsible for leading Kantar’s automotive offer in the UK.

Isabelle Rio-Lopes

Automotive Director, France

Isabelle is responsible for developing automotive business in France with major clients. She has been working with global automotive clients for over 20 years.

Andrea Galimberti

Head of Automotive, Italy

Andrea was appointed Automotive Practice Head for Italy in 2012.

Anna Amador

Head of Automotive, China

Anna is responsible for automotive business development in China and has over 15 years of automotive and research experience.

Robert Schroeder

Deputy Head of Automotive, Germany

Robert is Deputy MD for the automotive business in Germany, and has over 20 years of automotive research experience.

Vincent Groen

Head of Automotive, Netherlands

Vincent is responsible for the automotive business in the Netherlands. He joined Kantar TNS in 1990 and was appointed head of automotive five years later, and became a partner.

Joakim Norin

Head of Automotive, Sweden

Joakim is responsible for Automotive business in Sweden and joined Kantar TNS in 1993.

Oliver Schauss

Qualitative Director, Automotive

Oliver joined Kantar TNS in 2013 as Qualitative Director for Automotive.

Rohit Kumar

Associate Vice President, Automotive, India

Rohit has over 13 years of experience across leading research firms IMRB, Kantar TNS and B2C organizations Bharti Airtel & Max Life Insurance.

Dongsuk Kim

Head of Automotive, Korea

Dongsuk has been working for Kantar TNS since 2003 and has considerable knowledge of the automotive industry.

Ekaterina Adler

Head of Automotive, Russia

Appointed Head of Automotive, Russia in 2015, after starting her career at Kantar TNS in 1996.

Sayyam Khanna

Head of Automotive – Middle East

Sayyam leads the automotive practice in the Middle East region. He is responsible for developing and implementing strategic partnerships with clients.