Revealing the future of urban mobility

The future of mobility will be shaped in the world’s great cities. Mobility behaviours and challenges vary from city to city so we have conversations with 20,000 consumers across over 30 cities globally to reveal what drives their daily mobility decisions. Supported by desk research and concept testing, Mobility Futures provides in-depth insights to help you better understand and predict consumers’ mobility behaviours and seize future market opportunities.

Questions that Mobility Futures can answer:

  • How will consumers’ mobility behaviour evolve over the next 10 years?
  • Which moments are key to influencing consumers’ mobility decisions?
  • What impact will the economy, ecology, new technology and regulations have on mobility?
  • Which cities are ready to evolve to future mobility models and which are struggling?
  • What role will CASE* play in the future of urban mobility?

* CASE = connected, autonomous, shared and electric vehicles


Key benefits of using Mobility Futures

  • Evaluates mobility behaviour across over 30 cities and includes benchmarks
  • Reveals the motivations to use certain modes of transport at key moments
  • Integrates in-depth concept testing for each city using a proven technique
  • Predicts how consumers’ usage of different modes of transport will develop