Mobility Futures

How mobility will be shaped by the world's great cities


Why we need slicker cities

The great cities of the world are energising and challenging places to live. One of the greatest challenges is urban mobility
— how people travel to, across and within the city landscape.


Despite the environmental need to limit the use of cars for personal transport, people are still holding onto them — whether for the status, convenience or simply because there is no feasible alternative.

How can cities and mobility players develop sustainable, intelligent alternatives?

Mobility Futures:
tomorrow's opportunities

We studied mobility in 31 of the world's largest cities to understand how each city is performing now, and identify opportunities for future development.


Our study, Mobility Futures, explores the key areas to guide municipalities, auto industry players and mobility service providers, in shaping tomorrow's mobility landscape.

So which cities are leading the way in mobility transformation?

Top 10 cities in the world for mobility

City Mobility index


Cities that are known for being great places to live – and commute – attract the brightest minds into the local workplace, while improving the well-being of their current citizens.

We talked with over 20,000 city dwellers about travel. This informed our City Mobility index which assesses how easy it is to participate in city life. It considers how efficiently people can move around, due to both the availability and affordability of transport options.

All cities are different, but they have one thing in common...

People are ready for change

People want to change the way they travel in and around cities
— even the most car-centric ones.

chart chart

Putting the 'human' into the centre of the research, in order to understand actual mobility needs and to forecast future mobility behaviour, has unveiled interesting results.

Stefanie Holzwarth, Urban Mobility Unit, UN-Habitat

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The reality is that there isn't 'a' future for mobility, but 'many' futures. These futures will need to reflect the unique ecological, economic, political, socio-cultural and technological context of each city.

Download our summary report to find out more about the big opportunities for tomorrow's urban mobility:

  1. Understand which moments are key to influencing people's travel behaviour
  2. Learn how apps and new technologies can benefit mobility
  3. Identify business opportunities arising from the progressive shift from ownership to usage
  4. Develop successful strategies to prepare for the future of transportation

Are you ready for tomorrow's mobility opportunities?

Want to know more about urban mobility and why people make the choices that they do?

We'd love to help you develop successful strategies to prepare for the future of transportation. Send us a message and one of our mobility experts will be happy to get in touch and answer your questions.

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