Connect more powerfully with men across cultures

As you expand and develop in new markets, how do you ensure that your global proposition is attuned to local values, beliefs, attitudes and needs?

The Ideal Man is a framework that provides deep understanding of men across markets to help you navigate the complex differences that culture presents.

Using six unique sociological lenses, it provides powerful insight on what a man is expected to be in different cultures, and how men want brands to connect with them.


Questions that the ‘Ideal Man’ can answer:

  • How do meaningful moments for my brand differ across cultures?
  • How do I ensure that my global positioning and/or communication is locally resonant and expressed in the right cultural language?
  • Why is the communication in a particular market not working as intended? What can be done to rectify this?
  • How can I use an understanding of cultural codes to create disruptive or breakthrough communication?
  • How can I adapt my product proposition and portfolio to meet local cultural requirements?

Key benefits of using the ‘Ideal Man’ framework:

  • Uses a methodical and systematic way to compare and contrast cultures
  • Has direct relevance for brands and categories that talk to men, but its core principles can be applied to other issues
  • Harnesses our network of world-class qualitative researchers around the globe

Ideal Man is one of our Qualitative research tools