Optimise concepts to perfectly meet the needs of a moment

There's often a chasm between a good idea and a successful product: SuperClinic, our concept refinement tool, is designed to help you cross it.

Conducted over two days, SuperClinic uses sequential recycling to explore and optimise concepts by incorporating real-time consumer feedback.

We promise to transform concepts that have shown potential into sharpened concepts that meet consumer needs in key moments of opportunity.

Questions that SuperClinic can answer:

  • How can I improve rough concepts?
  • How can I improve concepts that have been tested and have some potential but do not yet meet action standards?
  • Are my concepts relevant to my target audience?

Key benefits of using SuperClinic:

  • Sequential recycling uses a mix of creative, early adopters and mainstream consumers to help craft concepts
  • Sensitive and constructive approach to using respondent feedback to optimise concepts in real time
  • High involvement of the client team throughout the entire process to harness their expertise and point of view
  • Brings together our expertise in qualitative research and concept testing

SuperClinic is one of our Innovation & Product Development and Qualitative research tools