Implementing winning launches

In today’s fragmented marketing environment, failure rates in innovation are higher than ever, and launching successful products is an increasing challenge.

Innovation success should be measured in terms of real growth. Launch eValuate uses individual modelling to give you the most accurate estimate of incremental volume and provide actionable insight to help you implement winning launches.

Questions that Launch eValuate can answer:

  • Does the launch potential meet action standards?
  • How can I implement a launch plan to maximise ROI?
  • How can I fine tune my product for launch success?
  • Which retailers or channels offer the strongest fit for my launch?

Key benefits of using Launch eValuate:

  • Validated to deliver double the accuracy for sales growth versus traditional, average-based approaches.
  • Advises on all the elements of a successful launch (in-store environment, advertising, word of mouth, promotions etc.)
  • Provides actionable launch planning advice on how to reach target consumers
  • oven framework for evaluating launch readiness based on extensive in-market experience