Prioritise winning concepts

To create winning concepts, it is essential to understand their ability to drive top-line business growth, not just their potential to succeed in market. And also the impact on brand equity in the longer-term.

Concept eValuate, our validated suite of concept testing solutions, identifies these winning concepts with double the accuracy of traditional approaches. Available on Kantar Marketplace our Express and Now solutions help meet your speed and budget needs, and help you prioritise and optimise concepts in as few as 24 hours.

Questions that Concept eValuate can answer:

  • Which concepts generate strong consumer interest?
  • Which concepts will drive business growth?
  • How can concept potential be optimised?
  • Which ideas should I progress, and which should I prioritise?

Key benefits of using Concept eValuate:

  • Doubles the accuracy of identifying new product ideas that will drive top-line growth
  • Benchmarks provide clear guidance on whether concepts are good enough
  • Provides clear direction on concept optimisation
  • Early Adopter analysis ensures you don’t kill bold, breakthrough ideas

Concept eValuate is one of our Innovation & Product Development research tools