For many, mobile phones transcend every moment of their lives. Consumers in every corner of the world own and use mobile phones. They are omnipresent and often always on. For research, this represents an opportunity for better and more insightful data collection.

Mobile provides access to consumers we wouldn’t otherwise reach, so integrating mobile into research improves our reach and representation of key consumer segments. Research via mobile also provides more accurate and real insight by getting closer to the moment of key consumer experiences and decisions.

At Kantar TNS, we continually evolve and adapt our survey architecture through research on research to ensure it is designed and optimised to deliver the best possible data, target group representation and experience for respondents.

How we’ve helped our clients

Developing mobile-first surveys with Google

Digital, Mobile

The issue

As part of the Consumer Barometer study, Google engaged TNS to build a multi-wave, mobile optimised survey in 56 markets.


We created a mobile-first, device agnostic survey to embrace the challenges of small smartphones screens.


The study provided Google with the insights needed and best practice guidelines for creating mobile-first surveys. It also proved that shorter, smarter surveys can provide rich content.

The impact

There were 50% fewer drop-outs than previous surveys and no complaints from 150,000 respondents. The study is a true partnership between client and agency, cementing our standing and reputation with Google.

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