Creating valuable customer moments

Everyday interactions with customers are an opportunity to excel, deliver on your service promise, and fulfil customers’ needs. But how do you identify and prioritise the valuable customer moments that will create positive and sustainable emotions?

transactionTRI*M maps all the elements of your customer journeys, and captures emotional responses close to the critical moments of interaction, to help you drive change and improve return on investment.


Questions that transactionTRI*M can answer:

  • Which moments in the customer journey carry the most opportunity?
  • How can I improve customer experiences to maximise return on investment?
  • How can I build stronger emotional connections with my customers, and earn their trust and loyalty?
  • How can I action customer feedback quickly before it damages the relationship?

Key benefits of using transactionTRI*M:

  • We use leading CEM platforms to help address individual customer issues promptly and effectively
  • Draws on behavioural economics principles to understand how emotions create memorable experiences and build loyalty
  • Uses short, simple surveys which can be seamlessly integrated into existing customer experience programmes
  • Can capture responses as close to the moment of interaction as possible, e.g. with location-triggered or mobile surveys