Building irresistible brands

Irresistible brands have a magnetic appeal that evokes powerful consumer desire in the moment. It makes choosing them inevitable and competing with them impossible.

NeedScope’s unique models and tools unlock the layers of needs and brand image to help you build irresistible brands that drive strategic and competitive advantage. 


Questions that NeedScope can answer:

  • Is my brand irresistible – and how can I improve its irresistibility?
  • How can I optimise my brand or product portfolio?
  • Are there unmet consumer needs my brands could address?
  • What are the moments that matter most to consumers and how can I activate my brand to take advantage?

 Key benefits of using NeedScope:

  • Understands and measures the emotion driving brand choice
  • Evaluates your brand and competition against the 8 proven drivers of irresistibility
  • Sizes the best opportunities for your brand to be irresistible
  • Develops a strategy and clear action plan to exploit these opportunities


How we’ve helped our clients

Putting the sparkle into innovation strategy

NeedScope, Brand & Communication, FMCG

The challenge

Just Juice looked to innovation to re-establish brand share and value in an evolving cold drinks market. Growth potential was seen in fizzy drinks – but was this space right for the brand?

Our approach

We used the NeedScope framework to explore the functional and emotional drivers of brand choice in cold drinks, and reveal the best opportunities for an irresistible brand proposition meeting unmet needs.

The insight

Hybrid fruit juice and lemonade represented the strongest opportunity, with bubbles offering important emotional benefits.


Just Juice Bubbles became the most successful launch in the company’s history, with 35 per cent portfolio growth and every element of the launch built around bubbly, lively fun.