Building effective brand memories with communications

Creating and nurturing brand memories through advertising is an increasing challenge in today’s dynamic and crowded world. Advertising exists to build brands, and as such, its evaluation must be based on the ad’s ability to influence purchase decisions.

AdEval is a creative approach to ad pre-testing and ad post-testing that uses neuroscience-derived techniques. It provides clear direction to help you develop, monitor and improve your campaigns and build strong brand memories.

Questions that AdEval can answer:

  • How effective is my ad in capturing people’s attention in a multi-screen world?
  • How strongly does my creative evoke my brand?
  • Is my ad nurturing relevant and meaningful brand memories for long-term growth?
  • Does my ad support my strategic direction and brand positioning?

Key benefits of using AdEval:

  • Gives a balanced scorecard of short and long-term brand impact
  • Delivers rich diagnostic insights to help you improve creative performance
  • Closer to the reality of how the brain processes advertising for long term and short term impact
  • Ensures the ad is not just effective, but also takes your brand in the right strategic direction

AdEval is one of our Brand & Communication research tools