Make better, faster decisions to grow your brand

Transform the way you make decisions about your brand with our brand guidance systems. We integrate validated survey measures with social, search, sales, media, behavioural data and more, to create a lean programme that provides the insights you need for your brand, when you need them.

We complement this with on-demand, deep-dive modules so you can optimise your brand and campaigns.

Our intelligence platform helps empower decision making throughout your organisation with easy-to-use and actionable dashboards, scorecards and hot alerts. It shows you where your brand is now and provides early warnings of where it is heading – so you can react quickly to opportunities and threats.


Questions that our brand guidance systems can answer:

  • Are my brand and campaigns performing against strategy?
  • Which campaigns and activities best support my brand in the short and long term?
  • How can I respond quickly to movements in my KPIs and course correct my activities?
  • How can I understand and quickly respond to competitor activities?
  • How can I optimise my media investment while campaigns are live?

Key benefits of our approach:

  • Robust KPIs, including brand health metrics, validated to business performance for continuous real-time brand and campaign measurement
  • A globally scalable approach that integrates survey, social, search and digital data for fast, actionable insight
  • Tailored to your specific needs so you can optimise your brand, campaigns and activities
  • Combines artificial intelligence, advanced analytics and our latest simulation tools to provide clear and actionable direction
  • Advice and learnings from leading brand and communications experts