Unlock the shopper moments that drive brand conversion

In a world where people are overwhelmed by communications and inundated by choice, purchase moments - online or offline - are critical to brand success.

So how do you know precisely when and where to invest in shopper marketing for maximum return?

We help you drive conversion by identifying the moments along the path to purchase that matter: those where you can truly connect with people in time to influence their decisions.

We partner with other Kantar and WPP specialist agencies, and use behavioural data and the latest technologies, to equip you with the insights you need to win over shoppers, again and again.


Our areas of specialism:

Drive conversion along the path to purchase

Connected Shopper maps the shopper journey and the touchpoints that influence shopper conversion – online and offline.

Activate category growth and influence shoppers

Shopper Decisions identifies how to influence shopper decisions at the point of sale. It informs category and brand growth by applying behavioural economics to the analysis of search and selection criteria.

Find brand and category growth in eCommerce

eCommerce Decisions is designed to increase conversion to help you win on individual retail platforms by improving shopper engagement with brand and category.

Drive conversion with winning in-store initiatives

Using the latest VR technology, Shopper eValuate identifies which point-of-sale materials and layout will best influence shoppers and drive conversion.

How we’ve helped our clients

Taking a bigger scoop of repertoire buyers’ spend

Retail & Shopper, FMCG

The challenge

A premium ice-cream manufacturer sought ways to grow market share by increasing spend amongst their less loyal repertoire buyers.

Our approach

We used an ethnographic approach combining filming, eye-tracking and shopper interviews to help understand the conversion process for the category, and reveal the precise interruptions that would trigger increased sales.

The insight

Previous research had focused the manufacturer’s attention on price, but our ethnographic approach revealed that actual at-fixture decision-making focused on flavour. The client’s flavour variants suffered from low visibility and repertoire buyers tended to miss them.


A pack redesign to increase visibility of flavour variants, together with improved signage and off-shelf communication, increased sales by almost a third when rolled out across a test region.

Driving impulse purchase through in-aisle insight

Retail & Shopper, FMCG

The challenge

A global confectionary brand wanted to increase sales in convenience stores by helping retailers to attract new buyers.

Our approach

We combined in-store observation with shopper interviews at the aisle to explore how our client could use POS and packaging more effectively to stimulate impulse purchase.

The insight

Most of those that did buy confectionary on impulse had visited the store to buy a beverage. A third of shoppers visiting the confectionary fixture did not buy anything, usually due to too much variety and a misplaced focus on price.


We recommended locating the confectionary display on the way to the beverage fixture, reducing the number of SKUs to focus on high-volume lines and focusing POS messaging on craving and indulgence. Category sales increased by five per cent in tests, and the measures were rolled out across the store network.