Doing research is one thing. Acting on it with precision, is another

There are multiple market research firms capable of delivering in-depth reports containing vast amounts of research and data. But how can you use that data to gain visible results?

Kantar TNS realized our consumer research could go beyond simply delivering a report. We could target people based on how they responded to research and their actual mindset, rather than purchase or behavior data alone, using our Digital Segment Targeting solution (DST).

We have a long-standing working relationship with InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG). They wanted to increase consideration for stays at their Holiday Inn Hotels through an online advertising campaign. Holiday Inn Hotels wanted to make their online advertising more effective by targeting people who were more open and engaged. How could they target their audience to make their dollar go further? This is where Digital Segment Targeting came into play.

We worked with Holiday Inn Hotels to target based on the consumer’s mindset, not just demographics and purchase behavior. You may be looking to stay at a hotel, but are you open and willing to staying with Holiday Inn Hotels in the first place? This is what we zeroed in on.

The results were truly impressive. People modeled in our Kantar TNS growth segment and exposed to Holiday Inn Hotel ads were 38% more likely to consider staying at Holiday Inn Hotels, and our targeting drove a 514% lift in actual bookings on their site, in both cases compared to an identical control group. As a result, the campaign was extended from 30 days to 12 weeks. IHG plans to use our DST model again this year, produced for additional IHG brands with a significantly increased spend.

Our clients continue to see strong results with Digital Segment Targeting, no matter how it’s measured, from brand lift to bookings, from lead generation to direct sales. At last, brands are able to turn insight into action, while increasing campaign effectiveness, with the help of Kantar TNS and Digital Segment Targeting.

We submitted the results of the IHG campaign to the 2015 Cannes Lions for creative data usage. The case study video can be viewed here, password: Kantar TNS1. Phil Maves, Director of Audience Delivery at  Kantar TNS, presented the video and the Holiday Inn case with Robert Kim, Director Consumer Insights at IHG, at the Market Research in the Mobile World (MRMW) conference in New York City, May 20-22. To download a copy of the presentation, click here.