Future forward product testing

Harness the world’s largest online product review and ratings community to step change the speed, efficiency and accuracy of your product development decisions.

Use Product Express to:

Progress the right products in your innovation pipeline

Ensure you are only progressing consumer accepted product renovations

Understand how well your product portfolio delivers vs. competitors

Understand the market potential of competitor launches


Product Express concept testing lead time 2 weeksProduct Express concept testing from £9,000Product Express concept testing available in 9 countries

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Live Portal

Don’t wait for the answer, with live reporting through real time results dashboard on a secure website.

Overall performance KPIs

Real world insights capturing the way people respond to new products in natural usage moments. Measure and compare the overall performance of the different products tested as part of branded benchmark tests, blind product guidance tests, blind preference tests or post launch tests.

Moments product alignment

Understand the key moments that are driving usage of the products, these are instrumental for your product positioning and targeting.

Optimiser analysis

Identify which attributes should be dialed up or down to increase preference, guiding product reformulation or optimisation.

Verbatim & Text analytics

Detailed product reviews analysed using text analytics. The richness of the verbatim collected from highly engaged respondents will provide deep insights into consumer reaction guiding your product positioning and route to market.