Just a week to screen the pack designs which will deliver most impact

A speedy and efficient way to identify the most impactful, appropriate pack design for your product and your brand.

Use Pack Express to:

Test a range of new packs to make prioritisation decisions

Get fast feedback to drive speed to market

Efficiently assess the impact of alternative pack routes

Identify winning designs, key strengths & weaknesses


Pack Express lead time 7 daysPack Express lead time from 3,900 for 2 packsPack Express available in 33 countries

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Overall Summary

An overall summary for your packs to quickly understand performance, strengths and weaknesses against the metrics that matter to drive sales, fully validated through R&D.

Stand out - Recognition

Highlight which pack is more likely to be noticed at the all-important moment of truth.

Purchase Impact

Reveal which pack has the best potential to drive sales.

Design diagnostic

Understand if the packs communicate the desired messages within the design brief.

Brand Impact

Our brand Impact measures, including an understanding of moment of use, will show how well the packs align to your brand positioning.