Using connected data intelligence to unlock deeper insights

Kantar is home to some of the world's leading research, data and insights brands. Individually, brands such as Kantar Millward Brown, Kantar TNS, Kantar Media, Kantar Worldpanel, Kantar Added Value and Kantar Futures are famous and highly respected experts in their fields. Collectively, they offer the most complete view of consumers – the way they live, shop, vote, watch and tweet – in over a hundred countries worldwide.

In order to help our clients to better harness the myriad of sources; either in-house (i.e. CRM/transactional), across the Kantar family (i.e. brand, CX, communications etc.) and/or other available 3rd party data sets (i.e. search/social), now available to them the Analytics practice was created.

The core aim of the practice is to intelligently connect the data from these multiple sources by deploying sophisticated analytics to help our clients make better marketing allocation and investment choices to continually drive enhanced business performance.

Our approach in grounded on 3 key building blocks:

  1. Best-in-class Modelling/Data Science
  2. Highly skilled Analytic Consultants
  3. Customized solutions that help our clients to differentiate and win

Kantar Analytics will be taking advantage of the width and depth of expertise of Kantar across 4 key practice areas:

  • Brand and Advertising ROI Analytics
  • Customer Analytics
  • Segmentation and Activation Analytics
  • Innovation Analytics

These practice areas will be supported by the creation of:

  • New Centers of Excellence around areas such as Connected Data (including Social Data analytics), Visualization & story telling, Artificial Intelligence as well as Advanced Predictive Analytics
  • Analytics Delivery Centers (primarily in India) to ensure there is a consistent best in class delivery and platforms and efficient treatment of data.

Brand Mix Modelling

With increasing marketing complexity, brand performance has taken on a decisive role in driving business success. Strong brands significantly outperform market indexes, growing long-term shareholder value. Marketing needs to be optimised to help grow these strong brands.

Brand Structure Analysis

In an era of zero-based budgeting it is critical to demonstrate the importance that brand plays in sales growth. The explosion of channel options and the right messaging makes it vital to get the optimal channel mix to drive the greatest lift in market share, purchase penetration and loyalty.

Customer Experience Analytics

Becoming a customer-centric organisation is the new focus across all types of business. It builds loyalty and leads to superior revenue growth. However, identifying how best to improve the customers’ experience – with the largest impact – is often a difficult question to answer.

360° segmentation

Despite being a marketer’s tool for at least 30 years, traditional approaches to segmentation have had mixed results as a practical marketing tool. This is primarily due to their inability to influence consumer behaviours.

Offer Optimisation

Our custom-designed Offer Optimisation ensures the best approach to complex purchase circumstances and decisions. We create flexibility to meet different business objectives, including driving revenue, reducing cost, increasing retention and attracting prospects. We use multiple data sources, including in-market data, to align projections and boost confidence in your strategy.