London, 11 August - A new poll by TNS shows that 44% of people think Theresa May is a better leader for Britain than Jeremy Corbyn (16%). It also gives the Conservative party a 13 point lead over Labour.

The full voter intention figures are:

  • CON 39%, LAB 26%, UKIP 11%, LIB DEM 10%, Green 7%, Other 7%

Support for Theresa May is strongest amongst women over 55, with 68% thinking she makes the best leader for Britain and only 9% of this group thinking Jeremy Corbyn would be best.

More than half of those interviewed (54%) said they thought Theresa May is performing well as leader of the Conservative Party. In contrast, over half (51%) of those surveyed said Jeremy Corbyn is not performing in his job as leader of the Labour Party. Indeed, 45% of those who voted for Labour at the last general election say he is performing badly in his role as party leader.

A large number of those interviewed (43%) were uncertain about the future of the Labour party. Only a quarter (24%), think the Labour party can survive its current divisions while a third (33%) believe the Labour Party will split. 

The survey of 1,199 adults also asked about Brexit negotiations and reveals a nation polarised on whether the government’s negotiations will be a success. Almost half (47%) are confident in the ability of the government to negotiate these deals, while 40% are not. Confidence is twice as high amongst those that voted ‘Leave’ compared to those that voted to ‘Remain’ (72% versus 35%). 

For respondents, the three most important areas of focus rega Brexit negotiations are:

  • Continuing to share intelligence with other EU countries (36%)
  • Placing restrictions on migration from other EU countries (34%)
  • Keeping access to the EU single market (32%)

There is a marked difference between the priorities of those that voted to ‘Leave’ and those that voted to ‘Remain’. Indeed, the second and third ranked policy areas are the most divisive. Placing restrictions on migration is the top priority for Leavers (54%) while only 19% of Remainers have this as a top priority. Access to the single market is the top priority for those wanting to Remain (51%) with only one in five that voted to Leave having this as a top priority (20%).

Commenting on the poll, Luke Taylor, Head of Social and Political Attitudes at TNS BMRB said, “Theresa May will be pleased with both her personal poll ratings and those of her party just weeks into her premiership. The poll does however hint at the challenge facing the Prime Minister in maintaining this level of support, with a large number of those surveyed (40%) not having confidence in the government’s ability to negotiate Brexit and the nation polarised on what the upcoming negotiations should focus on. Time will tell if these poll ratings are a honeymoon effect for a new Prime Minister or a lead in the polls that can be sustained through to the next General Election.

“This poll will be alarming for a Labour party in the middle of their second leadership election in twelve months. Whoever emerges as their new leader will want to act quickly to make inroads into this Conservative poll lead and address concerns about the party’s future.”

Notes to Editors
Download the survey data and further details on the methodological approach.

A sample of 1,199 adults in Great Britain was interviewed between the 5th and 8th August 2016. All interviews were conducted as online self-completion, using the Lightspeed GMI access panel as the sample source.
The data was weighted to match population totals for age, sex, working status, 2015 General Election voting patterns, education, region, and likelihood to vote in the next General Election.

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