When it comes to customer experience, the time for talk has passed

There’s a lot of talk about the importance and value of customer experience. A LOT of talk. But there is still not as much meaningful action going on as there really should be. Read more

October 2018

Authentically disruptive: staying true, thinking differently

While not every brand can push the boundaries as far as Alibaba or Airbnb, opportunities exist for established brands to challenge norms and perceived wisdoms about their own brand or category. Read more

August 2018

Leaps of faith: inspiring trust in disruptive times

Marketers have often thought of trust as an outcome doing everything else right. But in a disruptive environment where there is a crisis of trust, it is important to have a proactive strategy to inspire trust. Read more

July 2018

Latest news & insights

Kantar TNS UK | GDPR Awareness Index

The second wave of Kantar TNS’ GDPR Awareness Index shows that public awareness of GDPR remains low, unchanged from last month at 34%. Understanding of what is covered by the new regulation also remains poor.

October 2018
From mental and physical availability to mental and physical disruption

When buying decisions are delegated to algorithms, what is the role of the marketer? Phil Sutcliffe believes practitioners will need to increasingly jolt consumers into taking notice – and brand activism might just trump AI

October 2018
SME business owners

Kantar TNS UK conducted an award-winning study, utilising innovative techniques such as gamification, in order to engage with and learn from SME business owners and senior financial decision-makers across a spread of business sectors.

October 2018

The Current Account Switching Service (CASS) was designed to create a more level playing field across banks and to encourage more choice in personal and small business banking.

October 2018
The role of the marketer when buying decisions are delegated to algorithms

Practitioners will need to jolt consumers into taking notice – and brand activism might just trump AI.

October 2018 | FMCG
Walking the talk: making leadership accountable for CX

According to recent research from Kantar TNS, 91% of CEOs believe customer centricity is essential to driving business growth whilst only 19% of UK customers rate their brands as truly customer centric . It is our opinion that one of the key drivers behind this mismatch is the absence of senior leadership engagement with, and support for, CX programmes.

October 2018
Moments-Led Growth: capturing the moment

The fundamental problem most of our clients grapple with is the sheer complexity of their marketplaces today. When we look at the issues and listen to how businesses are seeking to address them, the key thing that is common is an increasing focus on moments to find growth.

October 2018
Moments-Led Growth: Secrets to Growth

Giles Quick, Director of the Kantar Worldpanel Usage business, shows businesses how to tackle the challenges of growth through innovation.

October 2018
Moments-Led Growth: Harnessing the power of the crowd

Alice Moss, Qualitative Lead for FMCG and Retail at TNS UK, offers insights about aligning a crowd of creative minds around a single consumer moment to produce ideas that both captivate and compel.

October 2018
Customer experience in a shifting consumer landscape

Tim Pritchard, Customer Experience Director at Kantar TNS UK, believes that the golden rules of great customer experience remain unchanged in an ever evolving consumer landscape.

October 2018
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