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Growth Seminar

Mobile Loyalty

One customer, chased by three industries Download the report

While every relationship faces difficulties, these are even more complex when there are three parties in the mix. Historically, in the mobile space, network and handset brands were pre-eminent, as operating systems looked on from the background, however today they are integral to the purchase decision.

TNS UK partnered with management and technology consultancy, BearingPoint, to re-evaluate what drives loyalty within the polygamous landscape of the mobile phone market.

  • Does disassociating networks from handsets work in favour of the network brands or force consumers into the arms of commoditised SIM-only propositions?
  • Could operating systems like iOS and Windows replicate their positions in the PC industry as familiar giants championing consumers?
  • Or do the over the top (OTT) players really hold the cards - how influential are they on consumer behaviour?

Discover how the nature of loyalty has changed and more importantly how these changes can positively influence your strategy for growth. Get in touch to schedule a bespoke presentation for your teams, and keep an eye on this page for forthcoming articles, and a brochure later this summer.

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