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How digital markets grow up

Digital markets adopt different personalities as they evolve, shaped not just by the availability of connected devices but also by the attitudes towards them. And that means marketers need to look beyond internet penetration statistics when planning...

July 2014 | Digital , Connected Life , Digital Insights , Digital strategy , Technology

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Why brands need more than mobile-first design

The world’s growing ranks of mobile-centric consumers don’t just use a different device; they access different types of content, in different ways and on different platforms. To reach them through their handset, brands need to think beyond...

July 2014 | Digital , Connected Life , Mobile , Digital strategy , Mobile strategy , Technology

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Demystify the future – see beyond the hype

Predicting, managing and profiting from new technologies is one of the most important challenges that business leaders face. It requires them to integrate a hugely diverse range of perspectives in a meaningful way: they must balance the insights of...

May 2014 | Digital , Innovation & Product Development , Technology , New products and services