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How brands can position themselves to appeal to Argentinians

Argentina is a market ripe for disruption; a diverse society with an appetite for global brands. And yet immediate challenges around inflation and the economy have led to several such brands abandoning the market altogether. In this feature, we...

June 2015 | Argentina , New markets

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Getting to know the giant of Africa

One in every four Africans is a Nigerian – and with their economy recently overtaking South Africa’s to become the continent’s largest, the “giant of Africa” represents a vast opportunity for brands. However, Nigeria demands an approach that...

April 2015 | Nigeria , New markets

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Market in focus: Mexico

Jorge Vargas, CEO of Kantar Mexico, reveals a market where indigenous and Catholic traditions mix with a rapidly growing economy, an assertive younger generation and new challenges and opportunities: The rapid-growth characteristics that have earned...

December 2014 | Mexico , New markets

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Traditional Trade’s gatekeepers

Brands cannot succeed at traditional trade without engaging the shopkeepers who control almost every aspect of it. We present a framework for understanding the motivations of traditional trade’s gatekeepers and influencing their decisions: The...

October 2014 | Shopper , New markets

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The key to Myanmar's consumer market

Consumer brands have rushed into Myanmar since it threw open its market gates, eager to promote their products to this exciting new demographic, but unsure about a culture that has remained isolated from the world for so long. In this feature, we...

August 2014 | New markets

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Branding a new Cambodia

Cambodia offers global brand some of the most exciting growth opportunities in Asia – provided they can adapt their positions to a patriotic and forward-thinking culture. In this feature we reveal the characteristics that add up to branding a new...

July 2014 | Cambodia , APAC , New markets