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Why brands need to know their situational equity

Brand equity may provide a clear, single-number measure of how brands are doing, but it is situational equity that often holds the key to helping them do better. If brand equity is the marketing equivalent of Robert Brown’s famous pollen grain, then...

December 2014 | Brand & Communication , Situational Equity , Mobile

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Face-to-face 2.0

Digital technology has highlighted what’s wrong with face-to-face surveys – now it’s time for it to rejuvenate them. We report from the frontline on how tablet devices and digital data collection are transforming the potential of fieldwork at Kantar...

November 2014 | Research methods , Mobile

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The truth about mobiles and shopping

Mobile shopping apps have been giving retailers showrooming-haunted nightmares for several years now. But when we look beyond how many people install these apps and ask how many people actually use them, a very different picture emerges. In a...

September 2014 | Digital , Mobile , Shopper , Loyalty and new spend , FMCG

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Why brands need more than mobile-first design

The world’s growing ranks of mobile-centric consumers don’t just use a different device; they access different types of content, in different ways and on different platforms. To reach them through their handset, brands need to think beyond...

July 2014 | Digital , Connected Life , Mobile , Digital strategy , Mobile strategy , Technology

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Blessing in disguise

Mobile has been cast as the villain in retailers’ showrooming nightmares – but Mobile Life research suggests it could actually prove a solution to their problems. Showrooming has never been dependent on a mobile phone – and the majority of...

May 2013 | Showrooming , Mobile