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Guiding innovation in Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific is the world’s biggest and fastest growing consumer market, presenting a strong opportunity for products and services expansion. Today’s local giants have perfected the art of launching and learning, going to market with products that...

October 2015 | IPD

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Here’s to your health!

Businesses looking to grow by quenching consumers’ thirst face a unique set of challenges; understanding where the investment should occur is a great place to start. The vital insight to success isn’t which categories generate the most sales; it’s...

July 2015 | IPD

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Fuzzy to Focus: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Making data work for teachers initiative

Fuzzy to Focus One challenge of the front end of innovation is translating customer pain into product requirements with enough specificity so design teams know what they are working towards, but without limiting their ability to find truly...

June 2015