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The role of the marketer when buying decisions are delegated to algorithms

Practitioners will need to jolt consumers into taking notice – and brand activism might just trump AI. The Internet of Things means that people will increasingly delegate buying decisions to AI-powered bots. People can already buy a range of...

October 2018 | FMCG

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The truth about mobiles and shopping

Mobile shopping apps have been giving retailers showrooming-haunted nightmares for several years now. But when we look beyond how many people install these apps and ask how many people actually use them, a very different picture emerges. In a...

September 2014 | Digital , Mobile , Shopper , Loyalty and new spend , FMCG

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The language of emotion

Metaphor provides marketers with immensely powerful tools: a means of tapping into the intangible emotions and aspirations that dominate human lives and personalities. Yet the power of metaphors mean they must be handled with care. In this feature...

September 2014 | Brand & Communication , NeedScope , FMCG

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Closing the eCommerce gap

Online sales growth routinely outstrips any other kind – yet less than half of all online research translates into purchase. Connected Life reveals the barriers that keep shoppers in different cultures browsing rather than buying, and the advantage...

August 2014 | Digital , Connected Life , eCommerce , Shopper , FMCG