On Monday 19 May, Vodafone Germany and Kantar TNS Infratest were announced as winners of the German Society of Market and Social Researchers (BVM) 2014 innovation award. The award was given for the joint development of the ‘Continental Drift Platform’ – a market simulator that provides an understanding of and utilises opportunities and competitive movements in the mobile phone market. Stefan Spangenberg (Head of Brand Strategy and Insights, Vodafone Germany), Sonja Dlugosch (Director of Technology, Kantar TNS Infratest) and Dr. Thomas Liehr (Senior Director of Innovation & Product Development, Kantar TNS Infratest) received the award at the gala dinner for the 49th BVM congress. Michael Pusler, Jury-Chairman for the innovation award, gave the speech. He explained that the fact that the approach reliably and comprehensively managed to model and forecast movements in the highly complex and competitive mobile phone market was what made it win the award.

The annual BVM innovation award features particularly innovative methods or approaches that are highly effective and efficient compared to existing approaches.

The ’Continental Drift Platform’ is based on the Kantar TNS ValueManager approach and allows Vodafone to forecast movements in the mobile phone market in order to optimise tariff structures, providing strong and immediate value for Vodafone.=

The simulator covers the entire, highly complex cellular market and integrates various sub- segments such as prepaid, postpaid and combined rates, as well as voice and data rates. The platform enables Vodafone to anticipate market movements in this extremely dynamic market. It accurately and efficiently simulates ‘what if’- analysis for the introduction of new rates and corresponding competitive reactions to support sustainable business decisions.

"A particular challenge of this approach is adapting the simulation model in a cost-efficient way to the rapidly changing market situation. We achieve this with a modular model design where only individual parts of the simulation platform have to be updated“, explains Dr. Thomas Liehr, Senior Director Innovation & Product Development, Kantar TNS Infratest.