United Kingdom, 27 July 2011 – TNS, the world’s largest custom research company, today released the results of the first opinion poll conducted in post-revolution Egypt. The study of over 1,000 Egyptian citizens has unearthed a ‘positive uncertainty’ about the country’s future, where 76% of people feel optimistic about the country’s future, yet almost half (41%) are still unhappy about the current situation in the country.

While 90% of those surveyed see the revolution as a positive development for Egypt, this optimism is tempered with increasing concern about continued political and social instability. TNS found that lack of trust in Egypt’s governing institutions is causing the greatest concern. 68% of people are dissatisfied with the performance of the police – with 23% believing the police do not effectively exist – while 42% do not trust the media.

Over two-fifths (43%) of people say they are happy in post-revolution Egyptian society, however just 11% believe this society is now a proper democracy. Of the 28% who won’t vote in September’s parliamentary election, 34% say this is because they cannot trust the results.

Leendert de Voogd, Head of TNS Political & Social, explains: “While people are generally optimistic about Egypt’s future, there remains a deep mistrust in the institutions still governing the country. This must be overcome if Egypt is to truly rebuild its reputation as a new democratic powerhouse.”

He continues: “It is good to see that people are generally satisfied with Prime minister Essam Sharaf and with the Supreme Council of Military. But for the country to become a true democracy people need to feel empowered to vote in elections and so play a part in Egypt’s future. Our research suggests this is far from the case.”

TNS’ study also highlights common concerns that the new Egypt shares with Europe and the US. While the outside world has focused on Egypt’s security situation, it is the economy that is most worrying those on the ground – with unemployment and inflation singled out as a top worry by 43% and 48% of people respectively.

“There is clearly a trust gap between Egypt’s citizens and the police, which emerged during the revolution when police withdrew from the streets,” explains Mohamed Ahmed, Head of TNS Egypt. “However, our study found it is personal concerns about the economy rather than security or stability which are top of mind for most people – and this is something the government must address to ensure Egypt continues to move in the right direction.”

Egyptians today believe the country’s future rests on improving relationships between religious groups in the country, and with the US, Africa and the Middle East beyond. 85% named the Middle East as a critical region for Egypt to have a good relationship with, 85% other African countries and 73% the US.

De Voogd explains: “Post-revolution Egypt wants to open its doors to new markets and build a positive reputation on the world stage. The people of Egypt know that the key to this is to achieve sustained political stability and an economy which is attractive to outside investors. There is a clear desire for new partnerships to sweep away the age-old divides which held the country back. The question now is how quickly those in power can realise this ambition.”

Ahmed adds: “The simple fact that Egyptian citizens are now happier to talk openly about politics than they were pre-revolution shows how far the country has come. They are already more engaged in the politics governing their country and in Egypt’s place on the world stage – and we expect this trend to continue.”

TNS’ Political & Social team conducted this study, the first public opinion survey in Egypt, post-revolution. This survey of Egyptian citizens’ opinions and perceptions was commissioned by a private media company and undertaken through 1,000 random face-to-face Paper Aided Personal Interviews in the home, which took place during April and May 2011.


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