What we now know about the brain and how it stores and retrieves information fundamentally challenges the accepted conventions of the market research industry. From questionnaire design to the creation of more meaningful measures, we can use these learnings to make research more efficient and more effective.

In shorter, more predictive surveys, Jan Hofmeyr shares his thoughts on the steps we need to take to overcome plummeting response rates, faulty answers and flawed analysis. By focussing on a few key areas, we can reinstate brand tracking as a valuable business tool and indicator of future success.

Marketers have a wealth of touchpoints at their disposal to help command their audience's attention; they need to start using them in the right way. Anne Rayner discusses how to apply our understanding of attention to creative and media strategy in integrated attention planning.

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Rebecca Wynberg

Rosie Hawkins
Head of Brand & Communication, Kantar TNS


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