ESOMAR’s 2011 Annual Congress taking place in Amsterdam between 18-21 September.

The theme of the conference is to turn the spotlight on the impact and effectiveness of market research in determining the value and profitability of products or services in the marketplace.

Kantar TNS Participation

At such a prestigious industry event it is great that again Kantar TNS has a strong presence and representation with three Congress papers being presented this year.

Predicting brand decisions through emotional engagement

Cristina de Balanzó, Kantar TNS, Henk Eising, Heineken International, Netherlands and Rafal Ohme, Human Mind & Brain, Poland

This presentation brings into perspective the need to combine new research approaches with the traditional. This enables us to answer new and old questions; create innovative approaches using new technologies, and deliver more creative ways of interpreting findings. We cannot turn our backs on progress, and progress now is linked to neuroscience. It is important to open a debate on whether, or when, a neuroscientific approach could represent an opportunity to improve current research tools. This is a first step towards a new methodological approach to pre-test creative ideas. The learnings from this experiment will be translated into a new advertising development tool that enables communication managers to take a 'better' fact-based decision with regards to selection of scripts/storyboards and to determine specific shooting requirements.

Gamification: The reality of what it is and what it isn't

Kyle Findlay, Kantar TNS Global Brand Equity Centre, South Africa and Kirsty Alberts, Kantar TNS Global Brand Equity Centre, South Africa

"Gamification" is a buzzword currently reverberating across the internet - but how much of it is hype vs. reality? Sitting at the cross-roads between behavioural economics and video games, gamification brings behaviour change methodologies into the digital age by explicitly providing us with the mechanics to improve user engagement. In theory, "gamifying" any process, from filling in tax forms in the real world to shopping on, should increase user engagement and overall satisfaction. The presentation will test these claims. It will investigate just what gamification really is and what it is not. The presenters will highlight recent research they have conducted into this topic along with interviews with various members of some of the tech companies that are at the forefront of this trend.

Too much reality? The perils of easy access to hearts, minds and bedrooms

Sangeeta Gupta, Pepsi Foods, India and Anjali Puri, Kantar TNS, India

This presentation argues, with several examples from experience as well as secondary data sources, that we are doing ourselves a disservice by focusing excessively on our role as providers of consumer reality. Reality is going to be increasingly cheap and plentiful in today's technology-enabled, data-surplused world. It is in the framing of reality and in inspiring the imagination that qualitative research will truly make an impact. Let's re-orient our profession around being architects of the imagination.

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