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November 2019

Spark the magic between brand and customer experience

When it comes to customer experience, many companies fail to create the magical moments that will light up your day – those moments that will help a brand stand out from the crowd. Read the full article

March 2019

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February 2019

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Mastering Momentum: register to our new webinar series on brand growth'

Join our experts from across disciplines for this new webinar series exploring how marketers can combat data short-sightedness, and achieve both short-term sales objectives and long-term brand building.

September 2019
March Straight Talk - CX+ US. Retail Banking

Celebrations big or small remind us of people’s desire to enjoy a magical moment and escape the mundane. Yet, when it comes to customer experience, Kantar’s first CX+ report for retail banking in the U.S. finds many companies fail to create...

March 2019
When it comes to customer experience, the time for talk has passed

There’s a lot of talk about the importance and value of customer experience. A LOT of talk. But there is still not as much meaningful action going on as there really should be. Customer experience (CX) is a rapidly-growing sector valued...

October 2018
Authentically disruptive: staying true, thinking differently

Disruption is happening all around us, from the TV that we watch, to the taxis we take or the way we make payments. By definition, something that “interrupts an event, activity, or process”, disruption has become a code word for products,...

August 2018
Leaps of faith: inspiring trust in disruptive times

The concept of trust has usually been associated with stasis more than change. It brings up images of age-old, time-tested, large, solid brands and organisations with large and loyal user bases. Consider the following statements: Trusted by...

July 2018
Leapfrogging to equality: Why brands must think ‘women-first’ when developing voice applications

Two decades ago, mobile connectivity enabled underserved populations in emerging markets to leapfrog their way past the non-existent landline infrastructure. More recently, mCommerce has enabled financial inclusion for people in these...

June 2018
Are your digital ads engaging or intrusive? It depends who you’re targeting

Digital ad spend continues to rise, and is forecast to top $203bn in 2018 (GroupM, 2017). Yet despite continuing growth, many senior marketers from the most valuable global brands lack confidence in digital advertising’s ability to truly...

May 2018
From bricks, clicks to Insta-pics: what’s next for social commerce?

Where do the biggest opportunities lie in social commerce and what actions can brands take to win in this new world of shopping? Sources: * Business Insider, 2018 ** Kantar Consulting, Global MONITOR (2017)

April 2018

People often feel that branded content on social media is irrelevant. As brands increase their spend on these channels, how can they build deeper relationships with people?

February 2018
The data debate: creating fairer value exchanges between people and brands

*GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation and comes into force in Europe in May 2018. It aims to give people more control over their personal data. It will require users to consent to their data being used, and is driving...

January 2018
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