Real-time marketing can seem like an impossibly competitive area for brands, but that’s largely because their definition of it is far too narrow.

For most, the most relevant opportunity isn’t being the winning tweet during the Superbowl or Grammy Awards. To find the sweet spot for real-time marketing you need a radar that can identify when your target audience is most open and receptive, and when your brand has a genuine contribution to make to the occasion.

In this feature, we explore some of the key findings of Connected Life for real-time marketers:

  • Why brands are drawn to the big social media occasions
  • Why so many fail to achieve standout during them
  • How real-time marketing missteps can erode consumers’ fragile appetite for brand engagement online
  • Why contextual relevance and understanding trumps topline data and speed
  • How to tune your real-time radar to the most relevant opportunities
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