Mobile shopping apps have been giving retailers showrooming-haunted nightmares for several years now.

But when we look beyond how many people install these apps and ask how many people actually use them, a very different picture emerges. In a groundbreaking study, Kantar TNS surveyed those using shopping apps to find out how often they did so – and what they did as a result. The findings are a game-changer for the use of mobile in retail:

  • Only a quarter of those with a product info or price comparison app installed on their phone had used it in the past month
  • The vast majority of mobile shopping app use takes place at home, when planning a shopping trip, rather than during the trip itself
  • The most likely result of comparing prices on a phone, in-store is to carry on buying the product you planned to
  • Retailers own apps are rated as significantly more useful than any other type when it comes to saving time, money and angst
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