What does great marketing look like in the social media age? Why does one piece of activity set social platforms alight when another barely resonates? And what does it really mean for the brand when it does? These are questions near the top of the agenda for any marketer – and rarely more so than during two of the biggest set-piece social media occasions in the marketing calendar: The Super Bowl and The Oscars.

In this exclusive analysis, we use proprietary Kantar TNS techniques to reveal the real impact of brands’ Super Bowl and Oscars activity on social media. The result isn’t just a unique view of the winners and losers from the two showpiece events; it provides a basis for optimising future campaigns for maximum social media impact:

  • Unique visual maps capturing the full impact of brand activity on social media
  • Analysis of Super Bowl and Oscars campaigns for Budweiser, Doritos, McDonalds, Cadillac, Lego and Dove
  • The meanings of distinct patterns created by campaigns in the social media space
  • How social media activity correlates with long-term brand benefits for marketing campaigns
  • Guidelines for optimising campaigns for greater social media impact.
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