Big data is immense, fast and mind-bendingly varied – but researchers must remember that it can no more speak for itself than the smaller sort.

If we retreat behind number-crunching technologies and leave no room for human intuition in Big Data analysis, then the world will be a poorer and less insightful place. Get the balance between mind and machine right though, and we can unleash the power of human insight and human reason in ways never imagined before.

In this feature, we reveal the principles that Kantar TNS is following when it comes to developing innovative solutions for making the most of Big Data:

  • The techniques that can help to digest truly raw data
  • The shifting role of research: from data creation to data curation
  • The evolution of analytics and how we can use new dimensions to make sense of Big Data
  • The craft of formulating Big Data queries, and seeing data in context.
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