A young, literate workforce and one of the fastest-growing middle-class populations in the world have helped to earn Indonesia membership of the MINT group of most-promising economies.

Western tastes and familiar media channels appear to make this market a natural home for global brands. However, to succeed they must adapt to the very specific needs of consumers in the country – and be prepared to look beyond the big cities such as Jakarta and Surabaya. In this feature, we reveal the marketer's guide to Indonesia and the aspects of opportunity that promise most for brands – and the challenges they must meet if they are to take advantage:

  • Growth in small towns, where brands need to adapt to rapidly changing needs and aspirations
  • The strong influence of female consumers, 70% of whom will control their own incomes by 2025
  • The balance of western trends and Muslim tradition
  • How the requirement for two incomes per household creates new needs – and new opportunities
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