Mobile has been cast as the villain in retailers’ showrooming nightmares – but Mobile Life research suggests it could actually prove a solution to their problems.

Showrooming has never been dependent on a mobile phone – and the majority of showrooming activity doesn’t involve one. In fact, by focusing on innovative mobile solutions that reassure shoppers on time, money and angst, retailers could help to head off the far greater threat of inflexible, premeditated, PC-based showrooming:

  • Globally, 33% of mobile owners showroom – but less than two thirds of these have actually used a mobile whilst doing so
  • Smartphone owners’ appetite for mobile coupons and in-store navigation aids provides a series of opportunities for retailers
  • More than a fifth of smartphone owners want to engage with retailers through mobile coupons – and 19% want location-based coupon services that alert them when they pass a relevant product in the aisle.
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