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NeedScope helps you develop and optimise your brand positioning and manage the drivers of irresistibility across the touchpoints and moments that matter.

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New customers

Increasing penetration by attracting the most profitable new customers. At Kantar TNS our approaches and solutions do just this. We understand individuals, the experiences they have and the beliefs they hold, and critically the best way to influence their behaviour. We help our clients identify which customers represent the best opportunity, the size of the opportunity and specifically how to influence the behaviour of these individuals and overcome any inertia barriers.

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New markets

Extending reach through geographic or category expansion. Knowledge of local markets is essential and at Kantar TNS, through our global network of local experts and globally validated solutions we help our clients to understand and size the opportunity of new market expansion and the precise details and direction that will deliver growth. We help our clients understand the details they need to know about the local market, customers and competition, how to best exploit opportunities, how to differentiate their brand and optimise its launch success and how to meet local needs as well maintain a global positioning.

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New products and services

Portfolio extension to drive incremental growth. At Kantar TNS we challenge the traditional, aggregate, approach to modelling. Our individual-based models reflect the true market impact of a new product or service and significantly improve accuracy. This means we understand and predict the absolute and incremental potential of an idea throughout the innovation process. It also means we can provide more precise direction to launch planning.

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