successful chinese new year ads

To gain a meaningful return from their Chinese New Year advertising, brands need to do more than raise a smile

In an exclusive analysis of campaigns from some of Asia’s biggest brands, Kantar TNS reveals the most successful Chinese New Year advertisements that truly connects with the audience.

Which campaigns delivered double prosperity?

Our unique analysis looks beyond viewers’ immediate reactions to
reveal which campaigns built deeper, emotive connections. These ads didn’t just motivate consumers over New Year itself; they will keep influencing purchase decisions and delivering brand benefits throughout the Year of the Horse.

Explore the ultimate playbook for effective advertising

The lessons of Chinese New Year’s winning campaigns don’t just apply to one holiday. Exploring the many psychological levels on which consumers engage with brand advertising reveals the creative techniques that can deliver truly effective campaigns at any time of the year.


You can read the key findings above or download the report and if you’d like to see the full results from the study - or learn more about our approach to advertising effectiveness - please do get in touch.

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