Consumer connectivity is developing rapidly in Asia Pacific

In this webcast, Zoë Lawrence, APAC Director – Digital, explores the insights for Asia Pacific, and the opportunities to market to the connected consumer.

The region now boasts over one billion smartphone users, Singapore has the fastest 4G speeds in the world, and South Korea has the most active eCommerce shoppers globally. In addition, internet users in developing markets are increasing rapidly, with consumers leapfrogging PCs to go straight to mobile, providing opportunities for marketers to drive consumer connectivity. These changes provide brands with multiple new ways to interact with consumers, providing marketers are able to understand their behaviours and define strategies that will drive impact for their business.

Connected Life is the definitive guide to how connectivity is reshaping consumers, content, connections and commerce. The biggest study of its kind, it covers the attitudes and behaviours of 70,000 connected consumers across 57 countries globally, providing an in depth insight into how people across the globe behave in a connected world.

Visit the Connected Life homepage to find out more, download the report or get in touch.

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