By 2020, an estimated 200 million Chinese people will travel overseas for leisure every year, more than double the number that do so today.

A huge range of players will have an interest in the choices those travellers make: from the destination they choose, to the places they visit on their trip and, of course, what they choose
to buy. And Chinese travellers’ choices in all of these areas are more open than ever before.

To be successful, brands need to market effectively throughout this journey, targeting all of the key moments involved in planning and experiencing a trip abroad:

  • Inspiration: I want to get away
  • Research: Where do I want to shop?
  • Experience: How do I make the most of my trip?
  • Sharing: How can I impress others?

Understanding the Chinese traveller, a study from Kantar TNS, reveals that China’s travel routes are in the process of being redrawn. Download the report to find out more or view the infographic


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