Published: 24/07/2017
Why customer journeys need a sense of mission

There’s a myth at the heart of most customer relationship management. It’s a myth that sounds intuitive and reassuring – but is ultimately misleading, inefficient and frustrating. It’s the myth that the way to create better customer relationships is to improve every single experience that customers have with you. Over the years, this myth has led to businesses focusing budget and resources on improving the experience at a vast range of different customer touchpoints. But improving the experience at all of these touchpoints seems to have very little positive impact on customer retention, or increased spend.

According to Kantar TNS’s Marketing Monitor study, marketers across APAC now rank customer relationship management as their number one priority, ahead of increasing brand awareness. However, investing in every customer experience won’t deliver a positive return on investment – because customers don’t make decisions based on all of the experiences they have. They make decisions based on the memories of a select few experiences. And that’s a hugely important distinction. Tweet thisThe most important task for brands is identifying which experiences have the potential to be memorable.