Published: 27/08/2018
Marketers need frameworks that allow them to adapt their brands and narratives as culture changes

The simple Apple logo which is now ubiquitous across the world was designed to convey a meaning – knowledge. Despite its simplicity, the logo is loaded with associations. At the time, cultural anthropologist William O’Barr commented that the logo evokes a biblical story. “Taking a bite of the apple signifies challenges to divine authority and submission to the forces of nature. As with Eve’s apple, Apple computers offer humanity a means of taking control of its destiny.”


Symbols like this have always been incredibly powerful tools of communication and their intrinsic value is well known to brands. Semiotics is the art and science of decoding these signs and symbols, in every form. Its relevance in marketing has never been more important as we move from the world of broad-brush, multinational advertising campaigns to the realm of relatable and personal marketing that brands now need to use if they want to connect with consumers across multiple markets.

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