Cambodia has witnessed significant economic and social change over the past few years as the country has emerged to become one of the key developing markets in Asia.

The population has grown by 37% since 1995, the country has weathered the recession and GDP is now slowly on the rise again, with gross per capita income set to reach $1,096 USD this year
according to the World Bank. As a result, international brands are finally gaining a foothold, thanks to a growing middle class with increasing wealth that is developing Cambodia in the Asian market.

Cambodians are:

  • Connected: Internet penetration now at 38%, in comparison to 13% three years ago. 99% of online Cambodians have a Facebook account
  • Educated: 49% of 20-somethings completed secondary school compared to 18% of 30-somethings
  • Status driven: 62% chose their brands to showcase their success, as 82% feel that position and status in society is the most important aspect of their life

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