Published: 10/07/2017
Re-imagining marketing in a connected world

As the transformation of marketing continues, fuelled by consumer connectivity, marketers need new ways of defining what really matters for their brands and fresh insights to guide them to success.

Marketers face a host of challenges in a rapidly changing environment

In a world of ad blockers and shorter attention spans, what role advertising should play?

How can marketers identify the moments of opportunity that have the potential to influence choice, deepen loyalty and increase revenue when consumers have countless interactions with brands?

How should we optimise the right touchpoints to reach consumers to align online and offline channels?

In an ad-saturated environment, how can brands make the right impression with their creative?

How businesses can select the metrics that matter to power business growth?

Leading experts from Kantar Millward Brown and Kantar TNS shared their perspectives on winning approaches to re-imagine marketing in a connected world in a series of webcasts. The recordings can be accessed here.