In a rapidly evolving, digitally driven world, how do marketers really feel about new platforms, new data sources and new expectations of their role?

We know that marketers are under increasing pressure to make more complicated decisions, and to do so faster and more frequently. This is a time of challenge, but opportunities are also emerging to help them meet those challenges and deliver new standards of effectiveness.

Marketing Monitor is a study from Kantar TNS that surveys more than 2,700 marketers from across Asia Pacific to track the key issues dominating their agenda. We talk to marketers from Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand, to discuss their approach to digital platforms, the changing metrics used to measure their success, the challenges of Big Data and their hopes and concerns about their own careers.

In this report, we reveal the key themes to emerge from this edition of the Monitor:

  • Marketing’s need for speed
  • Dealing with the data flood
  • Managing the entire customer experience
  • Playing catch up with metrics
  • Mobilising marketing thinking


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